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Success Stories

Rock U 2, the Ocean Springs Academy of Popular Music started operations in 2011 by Barbara and Tim Alamsha. The company’s primary mission is to teach children to play and perform popular music and provide them with regular opportunities to perform in local communities. Services offered include private lessons (guitar, piano, bass, drums, voice, saxophone, flute, clarinet & violin), Rock U 2 Band Programs, Vocal Performance Group, Vocal and Guitar Jam Sessions, First Steps in Music Discovery - music for infants and toddlers, and Summer Music Camps designed for 5 – 18 years olds to learn to play and perform in a band.

Barbara and Tim Alamsha
Rock U 2
Our Results:
Mississippi Small Business Development Centers results for FFY 2016
193 - Businesses Started
821 - Jobs Created
474 - Jobs Retained
$38.2 million - In Capital Formation
$11.4 million - In New Sales Growth